Case Study 2

Data Competency

The Challenge

  • Data accessibility was limited, primarily existing within Finance and Accounting teams, creating information silos
  • Data was predominantly used for meeting contract-specific metrics (Founders), lacking broader business insights or reports for holistic decision-making
  • Inefficient utilization of spreadsheets led to disparate workbooks, necessitating manual data copying and pasting, resulting in no centralized source of truth.

Our Approach

  • Conducted a diagnostic assessment to gauge the organization’s understanding of data and the digital ecosystem using the DELTA data efficiency evaluation tool
  • Tailored Data Competency training sessions to align with the unique needs of the business
  • Delivered data competency sessions tailored to specific workgroups:
    • Data insights for decision-makers and leadership teams
    • Data generation and transfer practices across frontline teams
  • Introduced and implemented the CARR (Communication, Action, Relationship, and Risk) scorecard to enhance data-centric practices.

The Results

  • Established agreed-upon definitions for Data Products and reports across the business
  • Developed a strategic approach for designing and delivering a comprehensive data glossary for different teams, democratizing data understanding and involvement across the organization
  • Identified common sources of inefficiencies within data, processes, and systems
  • Transformed challenges related to translating business metrics into opportunities, enabling a panoramic view of operations
  • Reduced redundant tasks and automated routine activities, resulting in significantly improved efficiency and productivity across the organization
  • Cultivated a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging teams to analyze past performance, identify growth opportunities, and iteratively refine strategies and operations