As an organisation we often focus on delivering immediate support to those in need, however as a result of this, we sometimes loose focus on the need to review our current systems and identify opportunities for improvement. Through her extensive knowledge and guidance, Dr Fahimeh McGregor has supported our organisation to review our current systems landscape, identify opportunities for improvement and implement achievable plans of action that are strategic, collaborative and engaging for the entire organisation. I would recommend Dr Fahimeh McGregor to any organisation who wants to improve their systems, data utilisation and overall business intelligence in a manner that is engaging and purposeful to the outcomes of the organisation.

Stephen Turnock

Director at DCM (Downtown Community Ministry) | New Zealand

Implementation of technology and systems are critical components to establishing a new business. As a small construction company these implementations can become expensive and redundant. After using multiple cloud base systems and constant adjustment to our systems, we decided to work with a consultant. Dr. Fahimeh with Delta Informed Decisions provided the knowledge and direction to create a custom approach that allows for efficient long-term growth, data tracking, and good communication among team members. This was done with cost effective tools and good resources for continued learning.

Nathan Coons

Owner of Coons Construction LLC | US

I have had the tremendous pleasure of working with Fahimeh over the last two years or so on a number of inter-dependent business intelligence development projects where we needed far greater degrees of automation, reporting and repeatable processes.

Fahimeh was able to hone in on where our data collection and management strategies required improvement and has a great talent for being able to cut straight to the nub of core issues, visualise and then explain the necessary roadmaps to achieve their resolution.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work we have done together so far and have confidence in her ability to continue to add value to our organisation when we are ready step to the next phase in our data journey.

Vivienne Lowe

Manager Finance & Performance at Pharmacy Council of New Zealand

We described to Fahimeh the challenges we were having with our manual, time-consuming, performance reporting and monitoring. Fahimeh helped us in different ways – streamlining the process, designing and implementation of Review tools and Reporting Dashboards, and training our team to drive solutions. She significantly improved our engagement with wider teams at the national level and improve the visibility of our financial reporting.

Margarita Gonzalez-Borrero

Team Lead (Former Principal Advisor) | New Zealand Transport Agency

Fahimeh has helped our project team to manage our project controls effectively and meet standards and requirements. She taught us how to use our technology tools (SAP, Microsoft Suite) more efficiently and we achieved significantly better quality outcomes. Fahimeh designed and implemented unique templates suited to our needs, and then provided hands-on instruction to help us collect valuable data and deliver quality reports. This way, lots of time was saved and factual reports became accessible any time we needed them.

Michael Siazon

Senior Transport Planner | New Zealand Transport Agency

Two years ago, I got to know Fahimeh when she started leading our data visualisation and streamlining processes for performance reporting. She brought a new way of utilising data by sharing analytical knowledge which opened a whole new world for me. I am pleased that I am now doing her Data Competency course taking me to the next level. Even at the middle of the learning journey, I can easily see how it’s changing my way of thinking and looking at data.

Claudette Herselman

Senior Portfolio Analyst | New Zealand Transport Agency

I met Fahimeh in 2019 when she was appointed to lead our business intelligence for the performance team. It has been fascinating to recognise how much time and effort could be saved allowing us to become more productive and proactive by having access to a more streamlined processes and automated reporting tools. Fahimeh has not only designed and developed visualisation products for us, but she also empowered the team to drive self-sufficiently through greater insights and understanding of the processes. I am very pleased that now she is offering her Data Competency training to organisations and I have had the privilege to attend her training course and learn how to manage and utilise data and analytics to benefit not only my role but also the business unit and our stakeholders.

Arlene Williams

Senior Programme Analyst | New Zealand Transport Agency

Fahimeh assisted my teams and I with the delivery of the largest infrastructure project (at the time) in Auckland, Waterview Connection (Well-connected Alliance). She demonstrated the value of a research driven approach in real-world projects in a multi-dimensional way: through the use of technology solutions, reporting, monitoring and enhancement of the Lean construction practices. Working with Fahimeh was an initiative that has helped to continuously improve our collaboration and productivity by sharing insightful analysis with partners and stakeholders alike. I look forward to working with Fahimeh again in the future.

Callum McCorquodale

Construction Manager (Former Superintendent Fletcher) | New Zealand

It was a great opportunity to get to know Fahimeh in 2018 when she joined our project as an advisor – while mentoring me to manage my responsibilities using smarter and efficient approaches. Project control and financial management were new contexts to me. With the work Fahimeh has done in regards to creating a data strategy, development of an automated reporting tool as well as technology training (SAP, Microsoft Excel and Planview), I managed to collectively add value to the project by having a greater understanding of business context, data and systems.

Harriet Dunnett

Project Coordinator, Department of Conservation | New Zealand

I really like the way you highlight that dealing with data is no longer optional if we’re wanting a business to succeed. We must find ways of harnessing the power of the information available, but have people making those decisions based on that data. It’s so much easier for our human brains if we can have images that make sense of the data!

Cathy Sheppard

International speaker, trainer, coach, mentor | New Zealand

Fahimeh, I believe that you’re right that there is art in bringing data to life. Wellington City Council are doing some interesting things with visualisation to show the progress of the city over the last century and the overlay of pipes and utilities etc. Seeing the city in a new way is helping them understand and make decisions.

Brett Walker

Passionate Change Manager and Coach | New Zealand