I need to get something off my chest. As a data lead who transforms businesses through data, let me explain. Data in isolation is worthless. What businesses need to get actionable insights from data is context and visualisation. What they need are products that turn data into practical insights.

Let’s get to know data products.

Data products are tools that help make data accessible, such as interactive visualisations and dashboards. These tools support business reviews, inform actionable insights from data, highlight risks, foster proactive management and guide decision making.

Does your organisation have:

📈 Financial databases such as SAP?

📈 Project and operational databases? Compliance and Regulatory databases?

📈 CRM databases?

So what? Often there’s too many silos. Or the information is misinterpreted. Or the exported raw data is misunderstood.

We need to shift our mindset from gathering information to actually being *informative*. And *utilised*.

Data products are the key to utilizing data effectively for actionable insights:

🤝 Facilitate richer relationships between clients and partners

🎯 Align decision-making with objectives, policies and standards

📈 Streamline efficiency (while also boosting effectiveness)

I’d like to know: Is your data sitting stagnant as idle information? Or is it being enriched to deliver actionable insights? Contact me via LinkedIn or comment on the following link, if you are interested to exchange thoughts.

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