Case Study 2

Performance, Policy and Operations Analysis + Visualisations

The Challenge

  • Confusion of data from different data sources
  • Lack of availability of data required for performance and policy monitoring
  • Interfaces built for accounting purposes rather than project management purposes
  • Tabular accounting reports were difficult to be read and understood
  • No graphical reports in the organisation financial and operational system
  • Slow manual monthly reporting
  • Lack of knowledge about the System Data
  • Misunderstanding raw data and reporting
  • Wastes in the reporting progress

Our Approach

  • Workshop and interviews with teams
  • Assessment of data literacy within the team
  • Process mapping
  • Interviews with audiences
  • Identify requirements
  • Evaluation of data and reporting quality
  • Identify challenges with the existing reporting approaches
  • Assessment of analytical maturity level
  • Design and development of reporting dashboards using the existing data
  • Automated data integrations and data modelling
  • Development and design of strategy for exporting system data 
  • Design and development of data structure to bridge the gap between incomplete data fields
  • Training the team to manage reporting processes
  • Training the team to understand how to communicate with data (Data story telling) using the graphical report
  • Design and development of reporting tools which are user-friendly – intuitive dashboards for “Review”, “Monitoring” and “Decisions Making”

The Results

  • Stream lining processes to deliver quality reports in a consistent way within a minimum of time
  • Enabling teams and audiences to visualise the performance status in different dimensions
  • Empowering and engaging teams and audiences from different levels
  • Improved data literacy and policy management knowledge within the team
  • Improved system data knowledge
  • Team recognition by wider groups
  • Sustainable and reusable reporting tools and visualisation products