Programme Delivery

The Challenge

  • Limited system functionalities in both data collection and reporting aspects
  • Low availability of data
  • Organisation system (ERP system) had limited functionalities for project management requirements
  • The mechanised funding procedure was not suitable for the Alliance programme
  • Stakeholders did not have access to a unified source of the truth

Our Approach

  • Development of data-driven project management culture
  • Identify requirements of stakeholders and programme procurement model to reflect on data strategy
  • Design and development of secure contract management tool to record valuable data and enable monitoring and review of operational and financial performances
  • Assessment of the programme resourcing plan to develop the best practical strategy for improvement of project management practices

The Results

  • Automated reports to enable 360-degree review in different levels
  • Accessibility to historical and live data
  • Facilitate auditing and OIA (Official Information Act) responding
  • Delivery of high quality visualised reports to support with
    • factual decisions making and
    • stakeholders management