Programme Delivery | Culture

The Challenge

  • Different work groups located in different offices
  • No realistic plan and understanding “who does what”? – Responsibility and accountability
  • Poor reporting practices within initial stage

Our Approach

  • Lean Continuous Improvement(CI) – Implementation of the Visual Planning tool to strategize plan and visualise milestones
  • Implementation of Lean collaborative planning tool using Data-Driven strategy to:
    • capture valuable data associated with milestones, owners, progress, delays, and constraints
    • allow achieving measurable changes

The Results

  • Development of trust in between different organisations teams
  • Transparency in operational and critical milestones and decisions
  • Collaborative environment – communicate in a more comfortable way to ask for support when facing any constraints. This also helps them to become more pro-active
  • Empowering teams to become more accountable
  • Measurable and transparent operational reports
  • Communicate in a more effective manner – less time (30-45 minutes weekly stand up meeting) but achieve more