Case Study 5 : Portfolio Analysis

How we discovered $20 Million after improving our clients’ portfolio analysis and management system by addressing challenges in understanding finances, project relationships, data integration, and manage budgetary issues within the portfolio.

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The Challenge

Discover how we enhanced our client’s portfolio analysis and management system by addressing the following challenges:

  • Understanding how a portfolio is managed, how much is spent and how a portfolio is tracking against the overall budget and within each programme
  • Integrating of data to build up an overall picture – the system interfaces either presents the project level or portfolio level. While reviewing the portfolio’s behaviour, you won’t be able to tell how each project or programme has been operating! And when you look at the project level, you won’t be able to see the interrelationship between project and programme and then programme and portfolio

Our Approach

  • We established criteria for the assessment of a portfolio in line with policies
  • We conducted data profiling for the following:
    • to ensure accuracy of data before developing any summary reports
    • to group portfolio contents in the right level and dimensions
  • We also conducted data cleansing
  • Established data modelling
  • Lastly we designed and developed intuitive and interactive reports to enable the review of their portfolio analysis and management system from a top-down and bottom-up perspective across different dimensions. 

The Results

  • Our solution provided clear understanding how different projects have been managed financially

  • Identified where over-runs and surplus occurred? And leading owners to answer the “whys?”

  • Closing of any projects which have been held up for known and unknown reasons over the last 5 years while they remain active in the financial system to avoid any risk for being used for any surprise charges

  • Discovery of $20 million unused budget this helped their portfolio manager understand how portfolio analysis and management system is critical to managing over-run projects and managing delegation for any budget adjustment)

  • Updating project resources – there were occasions that project manager left the organisation or moved to another project while the system has not been updated accordingly